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ZippyImage is officially launched!

July 25, 2020 by ZippyImage Staff

ZippyImage is an all-new service for sharing and organizing your photos. It's also a community where you can interact, comment, and have discussions in a friendly environment.

There are other services like ours already, but we founded ZippyImage because we believe there are things we can do better:

  • Commitment to Free Speech

    We believe in the free exchange of ideas, even if those ideas are in stark contrast to your own personal beliefs. Our content policy is the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. In other words: If it's legal on any street corner in the United States, then it's legal on ZippyImage.

  • Better Moderation

    Other photo sharing communities, like Imgur, are notoriously toxic. We want ZippyImage to be a friendly community. That doesn't mean everyone will get along, but we do want to promote civility. In other words: Don't be a dick. Being nice is cool.

    How do we both support free speech and promote a civil community at the same time? Aren't these mutually exclusive concepts? In short, we don't think so.

    With regard to free speech -- we won't censor ideas, no matter how much we may disagree with them. We are not fact checkers; we are not arbiters of truth. We believe in the ability of people to sort out for themselves what is true from what is not.

    With regard to civility -- we will use thoughtful design choices and technology to promote civil discourse. For one thing, there are no "downvotes" on ZippyImage. For another, users will be able to control which content they see. (For example, adult/NSFW content is allowed, but it must be marked "not safe"... users who are not comfortable with that kind of content can choose not to see it.) These are just two superficial examples, but we have more ideas along these lines which will be further developed as we go.

  • Control Your Content

    We don't play games with your content. We don't lock you in. You can always download your images when you need them. And we give you several privacy options to control how your content is shared -- or not. Want to share your images openly? Make them public. Want to share your images with only certain people? Put them in a private album -- only people you share the link with can see it. Want to keep something really private? Password-protected albums are on option too.

Need a service so you can post images to forums, or to Reddit? Need a place to organize your photos without worry? Looking for an alternative to Imgur? ZippyImage is for you!

Roadmap for the future

What you see here is just the beginning. We are busy developing ZippyImage into a world-class service. Here's some of the things we are working on developing in the future:

  • Mobile apps (Android and iOS). (Until then, is fully responsive and can be used in your phone's web browser with no problems...)
  • Desktop screen capture apps (Windows, iOS, Linux)
  • Plugins for many popular software/platforms
  • ... and more ways to discover and share content!

What do you think?

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